DIY Jewelry

Make necklaces, earrings and bracelets with these fun and simple DIY jewelry crafts.

Silver Necklace Craft

Silver Necklace Bead Craft

The technique is so easy, even a novice can create this silver necklace bead craft in no time!

Silver Chain DIY Earrings

Silver Chain DIY Earrings

It’s a snap to assemble these pretty DIY earrings featuring dangling silver chains.

Shell Barrette Jewelry Craft

Shell Barrette Jewelry Craft

Add seashells from a trip to the shore to a hair barrette to make this easy jewelry craft.

Potato Bead Necklace Craft

Potato Bead Necklace Craft

Don’t buy beads at the store when you can create your own potato bead necklace!

Dried flower jewelry necklaces and pins

Dried Flower Jewelry Craft

Turn your garden flowers into blooming beautiful pins and necklaces.

DIY Neon Necklace: Neon colored necklace made from straws

DIY Neon Necklace

Fashion a fun and colorful DIY neon necklace out of simple drinking straws.

Crochet Wire Bracelet

Crocheted Wire Bracelet

Crochet basic stitches with thin wire, then add beads for an intricate, beautiful accessory.

Quilted Jewelry Pendant: blue and green quilted pendant on necklace

Quilted Jewelry Pendant

Wear this stylish stitched quilted jewelry on a necklace for instant handmade glamor.

Colorful DIY wire bracelets on wrist

Easy DIY Wire Bracelet

Update your jewelry collection with this super-simple DIY wire bracelet project.

DIY Hand Stamped Jewelry: Two stamped metal pendants

DIY Hand Stamped Jewelry

Make a pretty impression with personalized DIY Hand Stamped Jewelry. Craft as a gift, or for your own jewelry box!