1. Download and print Craft Pattern 1 and Craft Pattern 2
  2. Use small piece of double-stick tape to hold the bottoms of two candy kisses together as shown in Craft Pattern 1/Fig. 1.
  3. Center square of red cellophane or plastic wrap on tip of one candy kiss. Wrap the two candy kisses, covering them to resemble a rosebud. Twist the cellophane or plastic wrap at the tip of the other candy kiss.
  4. Insert floral wire into twist of cellophane or plastic wrap. Tape twist of cellophane or plastic wrap securely with floral tape. Continue to wrap floral wire for about 2 in.
  5. Tape one end of paper wrapper of hard candy to floral wire and continue wrapping stem for another 2 in.
  6. Pleat green metallic tissue paper diagonally to make leaf as shown in Craft Pattern 2/Fig. 2. Tape leaf to wire and continue to wrap remainder of wire with floral tape.

Finished Size: Each candy rose is 10-1/2 inches tall x 2 inches across.


 Craft originally sent in by Deb Henderson of Maroa, Illinois.