1. Thread needle with beading wire and tie the wire ends in a knot close to the end. Use wire cutters to trim excess wire close to knot.
  2. Thread the unknotted end of beading wire through the hole in one end of a clam shell until the knot rests inside the shell. Add a drop  of glue to secure. When dry, use chain­ nose pliers to close and secure clam clasp.
  3. Thread the needle through every other loop on the silver chain, drawing up the loops close to each other.
  4. Thread remaining clam clasp onto wire. Tie a knot as close as possible to the chain, making bracelet about 7 inches long or desired length. Add a drop of glue to secure. When dry, use chain-nose pliers to close and secure clam clasp.
  5. Insert a head pin in a bead. Attach bead to chain where de­sired, using round-nose pliers to make a loop close to the top of the bead. Trim excess. Repeat to add remaining beads.
  6. Attach the toggle clasps to the clam clasps at the opposite ends of bracelet.

FINISHED SIZE: DIY bracelet measures about 8 inches long x 3/4 inch wide.

Chunky Silver DIY Bracelet craft designed by Sarah Farley.