1. Place small amounts of paint on paper plate as needed. Apply additional coats of paint as needed for complete coverage, letting paint dry between coats.
  2. With No. 10 flat brush, paint one clay pot Berry Red, one White and one Liberty Blue.
  3. Print Cow Pattern.
  4. Turn each pot upside down. Place graphite paper between pattern and the pot and trace over the lines of the pattern with a stylus or dry ballpoint pen, making sure the bottom of each cow aligns with the rim of each pot (see photo for placement).
  5. Using No. 0 brush, paint the cow on each pot White, Light Pink and Black, referring to pattern and photo for color placement. When all paints are dry, use marker to outline each cow and add fringe to end of each tail.
  6. For eyes, dip end of handle of No. 0 brush into White and add dots on each cow head. When dry, repeat with Black, adding a smaller dot on lower section of each white dot for pupils.
  7. When the paint is dry, dip toothpick into White and dab a tiny dot in each pupil for highlight.
  8. Add the nostrils by dipping end of No. 0 brush handle into Black and positioning dots where shown on pattern.
  9. Dip toothpick into Kelly Green and use to draw green lines for flower stems and leaves on either side of cows’ mouths as shown in photo.
  10. For flower near cow’s mouth on white bell, dip end of handle of No. 10 brush into Liberty Blue and make dot for flower center as shown. Then dip handle into Berry Red and add six dots around center dot for petals as shown in Fig. 1. In same way add the flowers around the rim of the pot, spacing them as shown in photo.
  11. Repeat for the red bell, except make the flower centers White and the petals Liberty Blue.
  12. Repeat for the blue bell except make the flower centers White and the petals Berry Red.
  13. When completely dry, spray each bell with acrylic sealer.


  1. Thread one bead onto cording and tie a knot around the bead to hold it in place near the end of the cording. Trim excess. See Fig. 2.
  2. Tie a second overhand knot about 2 in. away from first bead. Thread cording through hole in blue pot until it reaches second knot. Make another knot as close as possible to the top of the blue pot to hold pot in place.
  3. Thread on another bead. Apply glue to knot on top of blue pot and then slide bead over knot, covering the knot.
  4. Thread another bead onto cording and tie it in place about 3 in. from the glued-on bead.
  5. Tie another knot 2 in. from bead. Add white pot and continue as for blue pot. Repeat process one more time, adding red pot.
  6. Tie a knot in remaining length of cording where desired, making a loop for the hanger. Trim end of cording close to knot.
  7. Add glue to all exposed knots to secure them. Let dry.

Finished Size: Clay pot craft measures about 3-1/2 inches wide x 20 inches long.

Cowbell Clay Pot Craft by Renee Dent.