1. Drill or use hammer and nail to make four holes—two in opposite sides of can for hanging wire, one through the can front to attach star and one through the star’s center.
  2. With holes for hanging wire opposite each other, squeeze the bottom of the can. Use hammer to completely flatten the edges together.
  3. Apply epoxy or glue between the bottom edges. Clamp until dry.


  1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, spray flattened can with metal primer. Let dry.
  2. With ruler and pencil, mark off a rectangle on the front at upper left. Paint it Ivory and the rest of the can front Navy Blue.
  3. Following manufacturer’s
  4. instructions, apply one coat of crackling medium. Let dry.
  5. Paint upper left rectangle Navy Blue.
  6. Paint two stripes of Red Iron Oxide and then two of Ivory.


  1. Coil one end of a 3-inch length of craft wire around tip of pliers. Insert straight end through hole in star and hole in blue rectangle. Coil opposite end inside can to secure the star; trim excess.
  2. Cut a 12-inch length of craft wire. Insert ends through holes from the inside to the outside, leaving about 1 inch extending from each side of the can. Coil wire ends around the pliers to secure handle. Trim excess.