1. Working on waxed paper, use stencil brush to daub 5 leaves with decoupage glue. On a clean sheet of paper, pour glitter over leaves. Shake off excess glitter; let dry.
  2. Wrap form tightly with burlap strips, securing with hot glue.
  3. Working 2 leaves at a time and with tips to the left, hot-glue the stalks to the form’s inner rim. Moving toward the outer rim, glue on 3 more pairs about an inch apart at stalk. Add another row of leaves about 2 inches to the right of the first row. Continue adding rows of leaves, moving counter-clockwise around the form. Repeat once.
  4. Add single leaves as desired to fill out the wreath. If leaves become bent, gently reshape with your fingertips.
  5. Hot-glue stalks of glittered leaves and tuck into wreath as desired.
  6. Loop ribbon for hanging wreath; secure ends to back of form with hot glue and straight pins.

Decorative Leaf DIY Wreath photography by Country Woman.