1. Fold napkin for napkin ring. Measure a piece of ribbon that will wrap all the way around folded napkin and add 3½ in. to this measurement. Cut a ribbon piece of this length.
  2. With wrong sides together, fold one end of ribbon piece over ¼ in. and iron a crease at the fold. On the same end, make a second fold 1 in. from first fold and iron a crease to make a hem.
  3. Cut a 1-in. piece of bonding web. Place piece underneath folded hem of ribbon. Following web manufacturer’s directions, fuse hem in place.
  4. In the same way, create a hem on opposite end of ribbon.
  5. Place one piece of fastener strip on right side of one hemmed end of ribbon. Place the opposite piece of strip on wrong side of the other hemmed end, making sure the pieces will line up when the napkin ring is closed. Following manufacturer’s directions, fuse pieces in place.
  6. Using needle and thread, gather ribbon at the center front of napkin ring, creating a slight pinch in the ribbon. Pin brooch to the gathered area. If using an earring, clip it around gathered area, then sew back of earring to wrong side of ribbon to secure in place.