1. Sew the zipper tape together above the top stops.
  2. Close zipper and place right side up with zipper pull on the left. Fold ribbon in half, wrong sides together. With ribbon loop to the left, sew ends of ribbon to zipper tape at the bottom zipper stop.
  3. Fold zipper in half, right sides together. Sew ends of zipper tape together at the stops to form a ring. Trim zipper tape ends to make a 1/2-in. seam allowance.
  4. Fold the 1-1/2-in. fabric square in half, wrong sides together. Then tuck under a ¼-in. seam allowance at each long edge. With this fabric (the binder), encase the outer seam allowance of the zipper tape ends and sew in place.
  5. Bend the binder towards the bottom stop and sew in place.
  6. Turn the zipper right side out.
  7. Make a running stitch along one edge of the zipper tape. Pull thread to gather. Repeat on other edge. Set aside.
  8. Wearing safety glasses, use wire cutter to remove studs from button cover back plates. Be careful. The studs can fly far.
  9. Using larger of two card stock circles as a pattern, trace and cut 2 circles from Fabric A and 2 from Fabric B.
  10.  Using smaller of two card stock circles as a pattern, trace and cut two circles from batting.
  11. Apply thin layer of glue to outside of the front cover button. Attach to a batting circle. Repeat with other cover button. Let dry.
  12. Make a running stitch along the edge of Fabric A circle and place wrong side facing up. Place button cover with batting attached in the center of the Fabric A circle. Pull thread of Fabric A circle so that when it gathers it covers batting. Knot thread. Repeat with other button cover.
  13. Cover back  plates by making a running stitch along the outer edge of Fabric B circles. Place back plate in center of circle (wrong side facing up) and cover plate by pulling thread. Knot thread.
  14. With erasable fabric marker, draw a circle on the back of the cover button along the line of the metal button cover edge. Slip stitch the cover to the zipper about 3/8-in. from the center line of the zipper. Repeat with other cover.
  15. Open purse and insert back plate. Slip stitch back plate to zipper. Repeat with the other back plate to complete project.

Editors Note: For step-by-step photos for this project, visit Joanne’s blog, Craft Passion.

DIY Macaron Coin Purse c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Joanne L. of Craft Passion.

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Photo by Joanne L.