1. Download & Print the CW Light Bulb Pattern
  2. Trace patterns separately on card stock and cut out.
  3. Lay paint chips in the desired order for hanging on garland.
  4. Trace a lightbulb pattern onto each paint chip, making sure the white lines of the chip are centered across the bulb.
  5. Cut out paint chip bulbs, placing each one back in the desired arrangement.
  6. Attach sticker letters to bulbs to spell Fa la la la la, leaving one plain cutout between each word.
  7. Trace each bulb onto glitter paper*, leaving about 1 in. at the top. Cut out each.
  8. Lay the twine above the arranged bulbs, leaving a tail at each end.
  9. For each cutout, stick a glitter base over the paint chip base, folding the glitter base over the twine at the top and onto the back of the bulb.

*Crafter’s Note: Glitter paper can be found at your local craft  store. Make sure you have enough space on each chip to avoid any words when cutting out the bulb.