1. Cut grooves into the short sides of the cardboard ½-in. apart and 2-in. deep. Make the first and last groove about 2 inches from the outer edges of the box for reinforcement. This is your loom.
  2. Cut or tear sheets into strips that are 1-2-in.-wide.  *
  3. Place 12 fabric strips (fewer for a thinner rug) in each groove on the loom leaving a 6-in. tail at each end. Alternate colors to make a pattern. Reserve some fabric strips for weaving.
  4. Take a strip from the reserve pile and slot into the eye of a tapestry needle. If you do not have a tapestry needle, you can place a piece of tape at the end of the strip for easy weaving.
  5. Secure the tail end in the first groove of the frame. Begin passing the weaving strip through the bottom of the first bunch, then over the top of the next bunch and so on until you have weaved through all warp (strips running lengthwise) bunches. Make sure the weaving strip passes completely under and over each strip in a bunch.
  6. Rotate the cardboard frame and continue weaving the next row with another strip. If you ended the previous strip at the bottom of the last warp bunch, then begin your second row going over the top.
  7. Pull the warp bunches vertically to straighten them up as you go.
  8. Continue weaving until you have completed the piece.
  9. Weave the last row in close to the previous row with the needle up or down to make a crisscross with the previous strip, pull the weaving strip and tie the warp strips in place. Do the same on the other end of the rug, except you will need to tie and knot a new strip to lengthen the first weaving strip.
  10. Hide weaving strips in warp strips by passing through the strips within the weave.
  11. Take the woven rug out of the loom by lifting all strips from the slots.
  12. Trim the end to your preference.

Finished Size: DIY Rag Rug measures approximately 14-in x 25-in.

* Refer to Joanne’s tips on preparing strips.

Editors Note: For step-by-step photos for this project, visit Joanne’s blog, Craft Passion.

DIY Rag Rug c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Joanne L. of Craft Passion.

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Photo by Joanne L.