1. Download and print Craft Pattern
  2. Trace front and back bunny patterns (get above in Materials list) onto tracing paper with pencil, and cut out each.


  1. Keep water handy to thin paints and clean painting tools.
  2. Place dabs of each paint color as needed onto foam plate or palette.
  3. Apply additional coats of paint as needed for complete coverage, letting paint dry after each application. Refer to photo as a guide while painting.
  4. Use flat brush and white to basecoat one side of bunny front and bunny back pieces
  5. Place front and back bunny patterns on painted side of bunny front and back pieces and slip graphite paper between patterns and bunny pieces. Trace over pattern lines to transfer inside pattern details onto each.
  6. Use liner and rose to paint stripes on shirt front and back.
  7. Use flat brush and blue to paint overalls on front and back.
  8. Dip handle end of paintbrush into black and add two small eyes.
  9. Use black marker to add the patterns’ detail lines to front and back of bunny.
  10. Use cotton swab and powdered blush to color inside of each ear on front.


  1. Trace paper bag pattern onto tracing paper with pencil, and cut bag from Kraft paper or grocery bag.
  2. Fold bag on all lines to crease, and cut on each dashed line, stopping at solid lines.
  3. Fold bag side over and glue to tab. Let dry.
  4. Fold bottom flaps to form bottom of bag. Glue bottom flaps together. Let dry.


  1. Referring to photo, glue two white pom-poms to front of bunny, and pink pom-pom between them. Glue the third white pom-pom to back of bunny for tail. Let dry.
  2. Cut four 3-inch-long pieces of raffia. Glue around pom-poms as shown for whiskers. Let dry.
  3. Glue buttons to front of overalls where shown on pattern.
  4. When dry, glue front and back bunny pieces right side out to opposite sides of paper bag. Let dry.
  5. Glue paper twist pieces or chenille stems to top of paper bag behind front and back bunny pieces. Let dry.

Finished Size: Bunny favor bag measures about 4-3/8 inches wide x 2 inches deep x 7-3/4 inches high with handles.

Craft originally sent in by Laurie Fitch of Boise, Idaho