Transform straw bales into scary-cool outdoor Halloween decorations with a few items from the hardware store.

  • For all three creatures, spray-paint the straw bales first and let them dry. (If using 2 colors, let the first color dry before applying the next.)
  • Cut out the eyes and mouth from craft foam and hot-glue them to the painted bales.

Frankenstein’s Monster

  1. Spray-paint the lower 3/4 of straw bale green and the top 1/4 black.
  2. Add a stitches scar of black craft foam.
  3. Make neck bolts by hot-gluing 2-in. lengths of foam piping to either side of the bale.


  1. To get the leg length, start with your measuring tape at the top of the bale and curve it as you unroll, forming an arc to the ground.
  2. Cut 6 lengths of foam piping to this measurement.
  3. Fit aluminum rods inside each leg, leaving 6-8 in. exposed at one end.
  4. Hot-glue rod to foam.
  5. Poke exposed rod end into the top of the bale and curve each leg into position.


  1. Wrap the bale in cheesecloth and hot-glue in place.

Notes: Straw bales can be decorated horizontally or vertically. Find aluminum tubing at your local hardware store.