1. Choose a Doormat. Try a simple jute or coir mat; we like a circular mat, but rectangles are fine, too. We used black enamel spray paint on this project, but you can use any color—or combination of colors.
  2. Make the Stencils. Use a computer to print numbers 4- to 6-in. high, (or buy wooden ones from a craft store). Trace onto the cardboard and cut out. Make different-size circles on cardboard, using objects like jars and bowls. Attach to the mat with pins. Put it on a dropcloth in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Paint the Mat. Spray with enamel paint (we used black enamel, but you can use any color or colors) in a circular motion until all areas are evenly covered. Let dry for two hours, then apply a second coat and let dry for two more hours.  Remove the stencils carefully to avoid smudging the edges.

*Note: Your stencils can be purchased or made yourself, by using your computer to print numbers as in the instructions.

Stenciled Doormat DIY Home Decor Craft Photos by Sue Ferris.