1. Use copy machine to enlarge Garden Party: Seed Packet Favor 200%, or mark tracing paper with a 1-in. grid and trace pattern as shown onto tracing paper.
  2. Cut out Garden Party: Seed Packet Favor pattern.
  3. Trace around pattern onto sheet of double-sided paper and cut out.
  4. Fold sides along foldlines.
  5. Open and apply a thin bead of glue to one straight edge only. Refold and press to seal. Let dry.
  6. Fold bottom flap up along foldline and glue to back of packet.
  7. Fold top flap down along foldline to back of packet. Do not glue.
  8. Adhere one string clasp to edge of top flap and the other to the back of the packet as shown in photo.
  9. Turn packet over. Layer and glue the piece of coordinating paper, the card stock piece and the photo centered on front of packet.
  10. Tie ribbon in a small bow. Trim ends as desired. Glue bow to top of photo.
  11. Add stickers as desired to front and back of packet.
  12. Insert items inside packet.
  13. Fold top flap down and wrap string around each clasp to close the packet.

FINISHED SIZE: Garden Party: Seed Packet Favor measures about 3-3/4 inches across x 6-1/2 inches high.

Garden Party: Seed Packet Favor Craft originally sent in by Christine Panzarella of Buena Park, California.