1. Use paper trimmer to cut three 5-in.-square pieces from each of the 6 patterned papers.
  2. Use hot glue to adhere 1 piece of paper to each side of the 3 Styrofoam blocks. If needed, trim edges of paper so they’re flush with block edges after gluing.
  3. Adhere a letter centered on 1 side of each block.
  4. Decorate with stickers, rhinestones, brads and other choice of embellishments. Set blocks side by side or stack them to spell “BOO.”


*Note:  If you can’t find premade chipboard, card stock or foam letters that are just right, cut your own freehand or use your computer and printer to make letters in your favorite font.

Halloween Letter Blocks designed by Shalana Frisby. Photography by Country Woman Magazine.