1. Print Hearts DIY Candle Holder patterns.
  2. Trace wood pattern onto tracing paper and cut out. Paying attention to direction of grain, lay pattern on plywood or pine and trace around heart shape with pencil. Trace four hearts, marking the position of the two side holes.
  3. Cut out hearts with scroll or band saw. Drill holes through hearts where marked. Smooth with medium and then fine sandpaper. Clean with tack cloth.
  4. Use foam brush to paint all sides of each heart with two coats of Barn Red. Let paint dry between coats.
  5. When dry, lightly sand the edges so some bare wood shows through.
  6. Use a rag to apply a thin coat of stain.


  1. Trace metal pattern, including dots, four times onto tracing paper and cut out. Lay patterns on flashing and trace around each shape with marker.
  2. Cut apart the shapes with tin snips. Cut out each shape on traced lines.
  3. Remove jagged edges with a small metal file. Smooth the edges with a dampened piece of wet/dry sandpaper wrapped around a small wood block.
  4. Tape a traced pattern to the front of each metal heart. With pattern side up, tape a heart to scrap of pine or pressed board. Use the mallet or hammer and a long screw or nail to punch a hole at each dot and X on pattern. Repeat with remaining metal hearts.


  1. Center a punched heart on front of each wooden heart and nail in place with short brads where shown on pattern.
  2. Cut four 9-inch lengths of 19-gauge wire. Leaving a 2-inch tail on each end of each wire, wrap each wire around a pencil. Remove pencil.
  3. Insert one end of a coiled wire from back to front through one hole of a wooden heart. Use needle-nose pliers to coil the end in front to hold it in place.
  4. Thread the other end of same coiled wire from back to front through a hole on next heart and coil with pliers as before. Continue to join hearts with coiled wires, forming a ring of hearts.
  5. Hold a strip of each plaid fabric together and tie around the coiled wire between two hearts. Tie two strips to each coiled wire in the same way.
  6. Slide finished candle hugger over the glass candle jar.

Finished Size: DIY candle holder is about 5 inches high x 5-1/2 inches wide.

Hearts DIY Candle Holder designed by Judi Nordhausen.