1. From muslin, cut one 8-½- × 10-½-in. piece for backing, two 2- × 7-½-in. strips and two 2- × 8-½-in. strips for border.
  2. From sky blue print, cut one 5-½- × 7-½-in. for background.

Piecing: Do all stitching with right sides of fabrics together, edges even, and accurate ¼-in. seam allowances.

  1. Sew long edge of one 2- × 7-½-in. border strip to each 7-½-in. side of sky blue print piece. Open and press seams toward blue print piece.
  2. Sew long edge of one 2- × 8-½-in. strip to each 8-½-in. edge. Open and press seams toward blue print piece.


  1. Print Let It Snow Wall Quilt patterns and cut out as directed.
  2. Trace all patterns except mitten onto paper side of fusible web as directed on patterns, leaving ½ in. between shapes.
  3. Cut apart shapes, leaving a margin of paper around each.
  4. Following web manufacturer’s instructions, fuse shapes to wrong side of fabrics as directed on patterns. Let cool.
  5. Cut out all shapes following outlines of each.
  6. Remove paper backing from shapes for wall hanging and place them right side up, on front of pieced top as shown in photo at left. Fuse shapes in place.
  7. Separate black six-strand floss and use two strands to blanket-stitch around snowman and along inside design lines.
  8. Use two strands of red to blanket-stitch around scarf, hat and along inside design lines. Straight-stitch the fringe on scarf and the pom-pom on hat.
  9. Use two strands of blue to blanket-stitch around each corner heart.
  10. Use three strands of brown to stem-stitch each twig arm and fingers.
  11. Dip end of paintbrush handle into black and dab on dots for eyes, mouth and buttons.
  12. Use black fine-line permanent marker to write “Let it Snow” on each border as shown in the photo.


  1. Pin string to front of appliqued piece as shown in Fig. 1.
  2. Place appliqued piece right side up on a flat surface.
  3. Center the 8-½- × 10-½-in. piece of muslin on top.
  4. Center batting on top of muslin and pin to hold.
  5. Sew around wall hanging with a ¼-in. seam, catching the ends of string in the stitching and leaving an opening for turning. Clip corners diagonally.
  6. Turn piece right side out. Turn raw edges in and hand-sew opening closed with matching thread.


  1. Cut out mittens as directed on patterns.
  2. On two mittens of each color, fuse a contrasting color heart.
  3. With edges even and wrong sides together, pair each set of matching mitten pieces and blanket-stitch around the edges with two strands of floss, matching the color of the floss to the appliqued heart and adding a small amount of stuffing before closing top edge.


  1. For each pair of mittens, cut a 6-in. length of floss to match blanket stitching.
  2. Thread floss on embroidery needle and knot one end.
  3. Insert needle through the top of one mitten, through bottom of wall hanging about 2 in. from a corner and through second mitten. Knot floss to secure the mitten. Repeat for remaining pair of mittens.

FINISHED SIZE: Wall quilt measures 8 inches wide × 10 inches high, excluding the hanger.

Let It Snow Wall Quilt designed by Donna Stefanik.