1. Place socket in center of lid; draw a circle around it with marker. Use hammer and nail to poke a large hole in the center of circle. Insert scissors and cut out circle.
  2. Use hammer and nail to make eight small holes in lid for ventilation.
  3. Place lid wrong side up; gently tap down rough edges with hammer. Paint lids, if desired, and allow them to dry completely.
  4. Place lid in band, then insert socket through hole. Secure socket in place by screwing the plastic washer ring (supplied with cord kit) underneath the lid. With bulb inserted (we used a 40-watt Edison filament bulb), screw the lid onto the jar. The light is ready to hang.

Notes: Always wear safety glasses and work gloves when cutting metal. 

We found the jute rope electrical cord swag kit and Edison filament bulb at World Market.

 Mason Jar Hanging Light Photography by Country Woman.