1. Stitch desired pattern on both pieces of plastic canvas using a single strand of pearl cotton or all six strands of embroidery floss.
  2. Place pieces wrong sides together.
  3. With two strands of pearl cotton, pass needle through top layer of canvas only. Pull through all but 1-in. of thread and tuck it between the two layers. Then pass the needle through both layers of plastic canvas to encase the stitch.
  4. Continue to whip stitch (see stitch chart) along the edge, through both layers of canvas, to completely cover exposed plastic. Catch tail of beginning stitch underneath the first few stitches. Cover corner holes with three stitches.
  5. Finish by passing needle between layers and behind three or four stitches. Use needle-nose pliers to pull needle through. Trim excess thread close to the edge of the pendant.
  6. Twist open jump ring with pliers and feed through the canvas at desired point. Close jump ring.

Needlepoint Jewelry Pendant original post  and photos c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Diane Gilleland of Craftypod.

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