1. Using paper trimmer, cut papers into multiple 1-in. x 2-in. rectangles. Set aside half of one sheet to make a cone for the treetop.
  2. With hot glue gun, affix a horizontal row of paper rectangles about 1-1/2 in. from bottom edge of cone. On all rows, glue top edge only for each paper piece, leaving ends free.
  3. Glue next row about 1/2 in. from top edge of previous row. -Position -paper rectangles off-center to -previous row.
  4. Repeat Step 3 to fill cone. Stop 1/2 in. from cone top.
  5. Using paper trimmer, cut a corner off the half sheet of paper to form a 6- x 12- x 13-2/5-in. triangle.
  6. With longest edge at bottom, roll triangle into a cone to fit treetop. Use hot glue gun to secure edges. Trim excess paper ends off bottom of paper cone, making an even circular rim.
  7. Apply a thin line of hot glue inside paper cone’s rim. Put paper cone on top of the Styrofoam cone, overlapping onto top edge of the last row of paper rectangles. Press in place and let glue dry.
  8. Slightly bend each loose paper rectangle upward at its center to create dimension.