1. Use pinking shears or a rotary cutter to cut fabric or ribbons into 1-1/2- x 4-1/2-in. strips.
  2. (Optional) For striped pattern, mark 2-1/2-in. sections around perimeter of ribbon wreath. Use a different fabric pattern in each section. Repeat same fabric or ribbon every second or third section.
  3. To attach fabric or ribbon strip, insert pin through center of strip with right side facing out and push into Styrofoam until head of pin is slightly embedded. This will cause the fabric to project. Repeat, placing strips very close together until wreath is full. To conserve pins, place two strips of fabric over each other in a cross shape before inserting pin.
  4. To hang ribbon wreath, cut desired length of ribbon and fold in half. Use pins to attach ends of ribbon to back of wreath, forming a loop for hanging. Tie bow at top of loop (optional).