1. Using the ruler, measure and mark Styrofoam into four 2- x 11-15/16- x 15/16-in. sections. Use serrated knife to cut marked sections.
  2. Assemble Styrofoam rectangle pieces into an open square. (See placement diagram.) Join pieces with hot glue and secure corners with pins.
  3. Wrap interior and exterior sides with 7/8-in. metallic gold ribbon to hide roughly cut edges. Secure ribbon in place with greening pins and hot glue.
  4. Use holly leaf punch on gold papers and design area of Christmas cards to make several cutout leaves. Use circle punch on red paper scraps to make several circle cutouts for berries.
  5. Use hot glue to adhere a layer of gold leaves to entire surface on one side of the wreath base. Overlap leaves and extend from edges randomly.
  6. Use hot glue to adhere a layer of leaves punched from Christmas cards. Leave room between card leaves for gold leaves to show through. Overlap some of the leaves with gold leaves. Place randomly.
  7. For hanging ribbon, cut a 24-in. length of sheer gold ribbon. Use pins to attach each end of the ribbon on opposite corners on the back of one side of wreath. Cut another 24-in. length of sheer gold ribbon and tie into a bow. Attach to top center of hanging ribbon with wire. Trim ends as desired.

FINISHED SIZE: Wreath craft measures about 16-in. square excluding ribbon.

Recycled Card Wreath Craft designed by Shalana Frisby.