1. Download and print pattern.
  2. Cut tops of each pair of jeans off just below front and back pockets. Set aside tops for another use. Cut open and remove both seams and hems of each leg to make flat pieces of fabric.
  3. Either use a marker and ruler to mark the fabrics before cutting them with a scissors or use rotary cutting tools to cut the pieces.
  4. Cut four 7-in.-wide strips of denim each the full length of a leg piece for backing of rug. See Fig. 1.
  5. Cut thirty-six 7-in. squares of denim. With right sides up and edges even, stack and pin these pieces together in sets of three each, making a total of 12 stacked sets.
  6. From remaining denim, cut nine 7-in.-long x 3/4-in.-wide bias strips for dividers between blocks. Also cut a total of about 175 in. of 3/4-in.-wide bias strips for dividers between rows and outer border. See Fig. 2.
  7. With right sides up and ends even, overlap the long edges of two 7-in.-wide strips of denim about 1/2 in. Pin to hold.
  8. Sew down the center of the overlapped layers with a short straight stitch. Then overcast each raw edge with a medium zigzag stitch, stitching through both layers. See Fig. 3. Add more strips as needed and trim to make a 25-in. x 32-1/2-in. rectangle.
  9. With right side up, fold 3/4 in. along each long side of the backing to the right side. Overcast over raw edge with a medium zigzag stitch to hem. Repeat on each narrow edge to make the backing 23-1/2 in. x 31 in.
  10. Pin the stacked sets of squares right side up onto the right side of the backing in four rows of three squares. Leave a 1/2-in. gap between all squares and a 3/4-in. border around the outside. See Fig. 4.
  11. Using quilter’s ruler and marker of choice, mark continuous diagonal stitching lines 1/2 in. apart across all squares on right side as shown in Fig. 5.
  12. Sew over each marked stitching line with a short straight stitch. Backstitch at the beginning and end of each row of stitching and trim thread ends.
  13. Use scissors to cut down the center between all rows of stitching, being careful not to cut into the backing. Or use slash cutter and guide to cut between all rows of stitching.
  14. For border, pin a 3/4-in.-wide bias strip right side up to the right side of short sides of backing with long edges matching. Add more strips as needed, butting edges. Trim excess.
  15. In same way, pin bias strips to opposite long sides to complete border and to each inside long edge. Then pin a 7-in.-long strip between each square in each row. Sew down the center of each bias strip with a short straight stitch.
  16. Machine-wash rug in cold water using normal wash cycle.
  17. Machine-dry along with three fabric softener sheets. Check and remove lint from lint trap often.
  18. Place on your floor—and cut a rug!

Finished Size: The rug measures about 23-1/2 inches wide x 31 inches long.

Craft originally sent in by Mary Roshau of Dickinson, North Dakota.