1. Dip a sponge brush into paint, then into water. Following the wood grain, apply a thin coat of paint-water mixture to the front and edges of plaque. Work into the wood with dry sponge brush.
  2. Cut a paper heart to use as a pattern or print one from online. Using pencil, lightly trace heart on center front of plaque.
  3. Setting one spool aside, arrange spools inside traced heart. Pound a nail through the hole of each. If spools are taller than the nails, mark the nail position with a pencil, then remove spool, pound nail and replace spool. Attach reserved spool to center top of plaque.
  4. Erase traced pencil outline, removing and replacing spools as needed.
  5. Glue locket onto spool at top. String keys onto chain. Wrap chain around top spool so keys hang over the center top of heart. If desired, attach lock plate to the center spool of heart with brad nails.

Editor’s Note: VARIATION: For a practical decoration, omit the skeleton keys and hang your own set from the top spool.