1. Turn bag inside out and lay flat on a level surface. Cut straight across the top and bottom eliminating handles and opening bag bottom. Flatten cut bag forming two layers of plastic. Trim 5-8 bags in all. Stack cut bags with edges matching and printing on interior.
  2. Line ironing board with parchment paper. Place stacked bags on top of parchment paper. Cover top of bags with more parchment paper.
  3. Set iron to medium heat. Iron on top of parchment paper for a few minutes. Then flip stacked bags over and iron on top of parchment paper again for a few more minutes. Continue flipping stacked bags and ironing a few minutes at a time on each side. Be sure to iron on top of the parchment paper and never directly on bags. When bags start to fuse, they will wrinkle slightly and shrink around the edges. When completely fused, remove parchment paper. Set fused plastic aside; let cool.
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 to create another piece of fused plastic.
  5. Place pieces of fused plastic with edges matching. Trim edges even, forming desired size matching rectangles.
  6. Using a straight stitch and ½-in. seam allowance, sew around three sides of the fused plastic pieces joining them together. If desired, fold down opening edge 3/4-in. and stitch hem in place.
  7. (Optional) Cut stripes, flowers or other desired shapes from duct tape or sheets to decorate exterior sides of bag.
  8. For handles, mark a dot about 1-in. down and 2-in. in from each top corner on each side of the bag. Use a craft knife to cut a very small “X” shape on the four marked dots. Cut two identical pieces of ribbon at desired length. On one side of the bag, thread a few inches of each end of a ribbon piece through the two small “X”-shaped cuts. Knot each ribbon end to secure handle in place. Repeat with other ribbon piece on other side of bag. Trim ribbon ends as desired. If needed, secure handles with a drop of tacky glue at the base of each knot.