1. String each bead onto an eye pin.
  2. Using the round nose pliers make a matching loop at the open wire end. To make the loop, bend the wire at a right angle against the bead surface and grip the wire with the round nose pliers about 1/4 in. away from the bead. Turn the wire inward toward the bead making a full circle for the loop. Use wire cutters to trim excess wire.
  3. Link four sets of beads in the following pattern: dark gray glass pearl, light gray glass pearl and dark gray glass pearl. Link another four sets of beads in the following pattern: light gray glass pearl, dark gray glass pearl and light gray glass pearl. To make the linked bead sets, first use the flat nose pliers to slightly open the loop on each end of the designated center bead. Slide a closed loop of each of the end beads onto an open loop of the center bead. Use flat nose pliers to close the loops on the center bead joining the set of three beads. There should be four each of dark-light-dark gray linked bead sets and light-dark-light gray linked bead sets.
  4. Use wire cutters to cut 8 each of the following lengths of chain: 3/8-in., 1/2-in. and 1-3/8-in.-long pieces.
  5. Join the linked bead sets together with the cut lengths of medium linked chain. Use flat nose pliers to open and close wire loops on end of beads to attach to the chain lengths. Join the beads and chain lengths alternating in the following order: dark-light-dark gray linked bead set, 3/4-in. length of chain, 6mm translucent gray bead, 1/2-in. length of chain, 10mm black bead, ½-in. length of chain, 6mm translucent gray bead, 3/4-in. length of chain, light-dark-light gray linked bead set, 1-3/8-in. length of chain, 20mm silver foil bead and 1-3/8-in. length of chain.
  6. Repeat joining the sequence of alternating beads and chain lengths in Step 4 three more times. Connect ends to form a necklace.

FINISHED SIZE: Beaded necklace measures about 42 in. long.

Silver & Gray Beaded Necklace designed by Sarah Farley.