Pre-wash fabrics, washing colors separately. If the rinse water from the red fabrics is discolored, wash again until water runs clear. Dry and press all fabrics.


  1. Print Striped Tree Skirt pattern.
  2. Enlarge the two parts of the wedge pattern by tracing onto pattern paper or tracing paper marked with 1-in. squares or use a copy machine capable of enlarging to enlarge until each square on pattern equals 1 in.
  3. Overlap the gray area of the two parts of the pattern as shown in Fig. 1 (ends of outlines on the two pieces should meet). Tape the two pieces together. Cut out pattern.
  4. Trace around wedge pattern onto poster board, marking notches for diagonal lines. Cut out.


  1. Mark and cut as directed on pattern. With marker, mark diagonal lines as follows: eight with diagonal line A and eight with diagonal line B across fleece. (This gives the zigzag effect on finished skirt by alternating A and B when sewing together.)
  2. Cut fabric strips in random widths (1 in., 1-1/4 in., 1-1/2 in., 1-3/4 in. and 2 in.), cutting strips crosswise from selvage to selvage. A rotary cutter and mat work well.


  1. Use 1/4-in. seams with right sides together.
  2. Pin one strip above diagonal line A or B, allowing fabric to extend beyond fleece about 1-1/4 in. on both edges. Add a second (contrasting fabric) strip on top of first strip with right sides together. Stitch 1/4 in. from line A or B.
  3. Finger-press second strip away from first strip. Pin the next contrasting strip on top of the second with right sides together, matching long raw edges and allowing it to extend about 1-1/4 in. on both ends. Sew seam and finger-press away. Repeat, adding strips until lower part of wedge is covered.
  4. Turn wedge and repeat to cover upper part with strips. Baste 1/8 in. from edges of fleece piece, then trim strips even with edges of fleece.
  5. Continue in this manner until all 16 wedge pieces are covered, making eight A wedges and eight B wedges.
  6. Sew long edges of wedges together, alternating A and B and leaving one seam unsewn for opening.
  7. Use either serger/zigzag finish or lining finish to complete your tree skirt.

SERGER/ZIGZAG FINISH: Serge or zigzag seams, then all outer edges of tree skirt (scallops, opening and inside circle). Fold outer edges 1/4 in. to wrong side. Hand-stitch edges.


  1. If using 3-yard piece of fabric, cut in half crosswise. Stitch long edges together. Press.
  2. Place backing right side up on a flat surface. Smooth out wrinkles. Lay tree skirt wrong side up on backing. Smooth out wrinkles and pin edges of top to backing. Stitch all around, leaving a 9-in. opening on one side for turning. Trim edges and corners, clip curves and turn right side out. Press lightly. Hand-sew opening closed.

Finished Size: Striped tree skirt is 50 inches across.

Striped Tree Skirt Pattern created by Jean Ririe.