1. Download and print Craft Pattern 1 Craft Pattern 2Craft Pattern 3
  2. With flat brush, paint wooden ball flesh. Let dry.
  3. Referring to the painting pattern, add rust triangle to ball for nose. Dip handle of brush into black paint and dab on two dots for eyes. Let dry.
  4. Add a mouth with liner brush and black paint. Use marker to add eyelashes and stitching lines down center of head and around nose as shown on painting pattern.
  5. Use liner brush to add a tiny white dot to each eye. Let paint dry.
  6. Use rust paint and a near- ly dry brush to add cheeks. Let paint dry.
  7. Pin denim fabric pieces with right sides together and edges matching. Sew pieces together with a 1/4-in. seam, leaving one short end open for top of body.
  8. Match bottom seam of body with adjoining side seam and stitch across corner as shown in Fig. 1. Repeat with other end of bottom seam and adjoining side seam to create a flat bottom for scarecrow.
  9. Turn body right side out. Pour un- cooked rice or plastic doll pellets into body. Stuff remainder of body firmly with polyester stuffing. Turn raw edges of opening in and hand-sew closed.
  10. For arms, fold check fabric in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Sew long edges together with a 1/4-in. seam, making a tube. Turn tube right side out. Stuff tube firmly with polyester stuffing.
  11. Gather open ends together, stitching about 3/8 in. from raw edges.
  12. Glue arms centered across body and head centered on top of arms as shown.
  13. Glue excelsior onto ends of each arm for hands and to head for hair. Then add a bit to lower edge of body, referring to photo for placement.
  14. Tie strip of print fabric into a bow. Glue bow centered below head. Use pinking shears to trim ends of bow as shown.
  15. Glue hat to head and two artificial leaves to brim of hat as shown. Glue remaining leaves and greenery to lower edge of body above excelsior as shown.
  16. Trim edges of fabric patches with pinking sheers. Glue patches to front of scarecrow. Let dry.
  17. Use black marker to add stitching lines around patches as shown.

Finished Size: Scarecrow measures about 7 inches across x 9 inches tall.

Craft originally sent in by Laura Reigel of Sheboygan, Wisconsin