1. Place the two 13-½- × 6-½-in. pieces of white chenille together with right sides facing and edges matching. Sew the long edges together with a ¼-in. seam, leaving a ¼-in. opening 4 in. from one end on each side.
  2. Fold 2-¼ in. of the same edge to the wrong side. Pin as needed to hold. Sew around close to the raw edge. Sew ¼ in. from previous stitching to form a channel for the ribbon or cording.
  3. With right sides facing, pin the 4-½-in. circle of white chenille to the bottom opening. Sew circle piece to bottom edge with a ¼-in. seam.


  1. Attach small safety pin or bodkin to one end of ribbon or cording. Insert safety pin or bodkin in opening on one side of bottle cover. Thread ribbon or cording through the entire channel and exit it through the same opening. Tie ends in a knot.
  2. In the same way, insert the other length of ribbon or cording into the channel at the opening on the opposite side of the bottle cover.


  1. Place circle of cardboard inside bottom of bottle cover.
  2. Place bottle inside bottle cover. Pull knotted ends of ribbon or cording to close opening or wrap bead string around top. Tie ends in a bow on the front of the bottle cover.

FINISHED SIZE: Wine bottle DIY gift bag has a 4-inch diameter and is about 11 inches high. Size can be adjusted to fit other size bottles.